We develop casino games for fun and entertainment.  We know that in some cases it may lead to addiction. Therefore, developing a Responsible Game is of utmost importance to our team. We want our games to reach people above 18+ years of age. As part of our Responsible Gambling Policy, we offer player protection tools for our casino partners.

Some safety measures we always recommend to casino partners are,

  • Session limits: Reminders pop up after exceeding the pre-set playing time limit.
  • Deposit limits: Setting up default deposit limits (per day or per week) for the users.
  • Loss limits: With this option, players can limit the amount of money they lose per week.
  • Wagering limits: Setting wagering limits to control how much money players can wager per week.

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What Our Clients Say

With clients in over 50+ countries, White Mountain Sangha is the must-have gaming partner for both online and offline casinos. Browse below to see what our clients are saying about us.

“In my history of working with gaming studios, I can confidently say that there is not one company that I’ve ever worked with that has better knowledge and experience than White Mountain Sangha Studio” – Andrew Mark, CEO, Willard Group

“We have been relying on White Mountain studio for customizing casino games. They are technologically sound, and their games are excellent. It’s truly a one-stop shop for online casino development needs.” – Reynold G., Head- Casino Operations, FM Casino.

“whitemountainsangha.org is perfect at both the start of the game development project – for ideas, inspiration and implementation – and at the end, as a great source of technical support. They do handle everything.” Kristine Parker, Krones Casino

“I’d definitely recommend White Mountain studio to all casino owners who want exciting games for their online casino. The developers had always brought in innovation and excellence to my projects. I found them very flexible to work with. Five-star experience”. – David Wade, Manager at Free Spins Online Casino.  

“Thank you again for delivering great games. Working with them is very easy and the games they have developed were excellent. We never had more traffic.” –  Karen Smith, Casino Coordinator, ABC Casino.

“We always enjoy working with White Mountain Sangha’s knowledgeable and flexible team. They’ve helped us deliver engaging gaming experiences for our online casino. And, any time that I make inquiries about the project, they let me know the current status and next steps. There was never a moment of disappointment or regret” – Kelli Anton, Partner at Royal Blue Casino. Just like de beste casino bonus and Magic Red.


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